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Women and Business Leadership Series

Women and business leadership has been a leading topic for a while now and we still have a long way to go to true equality and representation. This year, we will apply our human-centered L.A.B. approach to breaking down barriers for women in leadership and business.

Beginning in March 2017, we’ll use our design sprint process to understand, break apart, ideate, and test ideas and propel women into entrepreneurial and leadership positions. We might develop a new organization, develop curriculum for an existing one, start a new business, build a new practice, or find a way to connect better.

Who should attend?

Women in leadership positions or who aspire to leadership, Women in business or who have an entrepreneurial path, Women in organizations and businesses that are looking for ways to empower women

5 Sessions throughout 2017

March: Understanding

April: Ideation

May: Convergence

June: Creation

July: Validation

Our goal throughout this series is to understand and ideate solutions to impact women in business and leadership. 

The big question is: What to we need to create for women to succeed? 

This event is by invitation only. To request an invite, email howdy@limeredstudio.com


  • Surfacing issues for entrepreneurial women
  • What can we do together to problem solve around the issues that we all face as we grow our businesses and assume positions of leadership?

    This is a facilitated design methods session to break down these issues  — come prepared to get down to business.

    Tuesday, March 21 2017 at LimeRed Studio


  • Let’s come up with ALL of the solutions
  • Building on Session 1: Understanding, we’ll run through design methods to generate as many solutions as possible to the obstacles women face when assuming leadership position in business. 

    Come ready to get down to brass tracks, with your creative hats on. This is a high-powered interactive session to get creative and think differently. 

    Tuesday, April 25 2017 at LimeRed Studio


  • Choose the paths with the most impact
  • Building on the ideas we generated in Session 2: Ideation, in this session we’ll narrow down those ideas to ones that are refined, feasible, and viable.

    This is the interactive session in which we make decisions and choose what to pursue as a group to propel women in business. Get ready to make decisions!

    Tuesday, May 23 2017 at LimeRed Studio


  • Build out solutions from soup to nuts
  • Building on Session 3: Convergence, in this hands-on design methods session we’ll expand our chosen ideas and describe how it will work. 

    Ideators, strategic thinkers, and connectors, will love building out these solutions! We hope to have two or three ideas to work on from previous sessions. 

    Tuesday, June 20 2017 at LimeRed Studio


  • Test the ideas to make sure they'll work
  • Building on all of our work in our previous sessions, in this final session we’ll test our solutions with our community and get feedback on our ideas.

    We’ll incorporate feedback, refine our plans even more and launch our ideas into the world. Huzzah!

    Tuesday, July 18 2017 at LimeRed Studio

How it works


We meet in person at our studio: 4611 N Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 203, Chicago IL 60640



Emily Lonigro Boylan, President of LimeRed

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Each session is 3 hours, with snacks and drinks included. 5:30-8:30 PM


Tickets are $125 for all five sessions, to cover food and drinks.


Sessions are limited to ~20 people to keep the group balanced and on track.