2017 Business and UX Workshops - LimeRed

2017 Business and UX Workshops

Get a handle on messaging, positioning, your pitch, your users, or a plethora of other online communications issues in a half-day workshop. These business, design, research, brand, and UX workshops can be run as stand-alone sessions or we can design a curriculum for your team with interactive workbooks and other skill-building components.

Who is this for?

Business, design, brand, research, and UX workshops are for organizations and startups who want to learn and make decisions.


We lead your team through a transformative process that builds on strengths and research-based decision making.


We use interactive human-centered design methods to bring teams together and make decisions.


We help teams explore ideas, work together, and make decisions.

Running a Business

We approach running our business the same way we approach our work: a fund, hands-on collaborative process. Learn from our 13 years in business on our human-centered methods for creating a culture and model that people love.

+ - The Business Mindset: How to Nurture Your Ideas into a Successful Business

Having a full-time job and part-time hobby is a lot different than running a business. When you make the leap to running your business full time, you’ll find out quickly that it’s a rewarding, difficult endeavor in finding the balance between what your gut tells you and researched business strategy. In this workshop, Emily, a business owner in the tech and design industry for 13 years, shares her insight on how to shape and grow a business.

+ - How to Develop and Strengthen High Impact Business Networks

Networking and collaboration have a huge impact on growing successful business. They can also be big time wasters if not done strategically. Let’s talk about what works, what doesn’t, where to look for high impact strategic partners, clients, and resources. We’ll give you some tools and processes to make the most of your network building for the long term.

+ - Finding and Keeping the Right People: Hiring, Managing, and Reviewing Staff

Getting the right people on your team can make or break your company. Trust me, I’ve made a lot of good and bad decisions on hiring in 13 years in business. Learn about planning roles, writing job descriptions, sourcing, and filtering candidates. We’ll also talk about interviewing tactics and how to review people once you hire them.

+ - Games for Designers and Non-Designers: Invigorate and Energize Your Team’s Creative Thinking

The best way to get everyone working together is through games! These often come in the form of what most people call “icebreakers,” but we don’t think these activities should just be at the beginning of a meeting or session to make everyone feel comfortable with each other. This workshop walks participants through a series of activities you can use in your next strategy session to get great ideas flowing.

Brand Strategy and Messaging

When you need to figure out how to talk about what you do and get through to the audience that will make the most difference, start with brand strategy. We approach brand strategy as a whole-team collaborative process that has steps. You can spend all day researching, but the magic comes from you.

+ - Your Present and Future Brand: How to Chart and Communicate Your Positioning

Contrary to popular belief, your brand isn’t about your company, it’s about your audiences. How do you align your business and its stakeholders to create an identity and experience that is unique and frames your mission to attract the right audiences? This workshop takes a look into methods to examine your present values and claims as a brand and charts a path to align them with future audiences.

+ - Win By the Third Floor: How to Effectively Pitch in 30 SecondsWin By the Third Floor: How to Effectively Pitch in 30 Seconds

It’s the classic scenario: You find yourself in a situation where you have opportunity and attention of someone who can make or break your idea. The problem is, you only have a few seconds to help them understand who you are, why you are relevant to them, what you have to offer and how to continue the conversation elsewhere for their benefit. This workshop will walk you through some basic exercises to help you perfect your pitch by getting down to the essentials of the moment.

Marketing Communication

Get clarity about where to start marketing and why. There’s no sense writing a huge marketing plan if there’s 1) no consensus and 2) it’s purely execution. Let’s get past the email blasts and canned social media and get to something that resonates.

+ - Social Media and PR Strategies: How to Focus Your Social Media Engagements

This is an introductory workshop offering frameworks and insights on how to connect your business or organization to your critical audiences through social media and other digital channels. We’ll work on developing an informed, flexible, and agile social media strategy.

+ - Telling Stories Across Social Media: Why Pinterest Loves Recipes and Tumblr Loves Gifs

You know your audience is out there on Social Media, but how do you keep them engaged with your company? What are the best ways to provide branded content and engage with your audience? Join Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad, the Strategic Design Director at LimeRed Studio, for a workshop that looks at the storytelling process online, and how you can use storytelling to promote your brand in a fun, engaging way.

+ - Make Your Campaign Resonate: Developing a Story-based Analysis and Strategy

This is an introduction to how to develop campaigns and messaging using the tried and true methods of great storytelling. It is designed for businesses and organizations seeking to better position and communicate by understanding how social narratives, branding, messaging, content development and communication channels can be designed as a strategic framework.

+ - Introduction to the Design Thinking Process

This hands-on session will inspire teams to learn and practice the fundamentals of Design Thinking and Innovation. Participants will learn how to tackle real customer problems through rapid ideation and prototyping exercises. By empathizing with customer experiences, each team will identify opportunities and barriers, brainstorm potential solutions, and discuss and iterate ideas, before presenting and discussing their solutions with the full group.

Product Ownership and Management

Being an effective product owner means walking a fine line between what’s good for the company and what’s good for the user. Not only is the role data- and tech-driven, but it’s political too. In these workshops we give you solid strategies to keep your product on the right track.

+ - Being an Effective Product Owner: How to Manage Ideas and People to Create a Great Product

The Product Owner. We hear this term thrown around a lot to describe a lot of different responsibilities, so what do great Product Owners do? We’ll explore role the responsibilities, resources, and processes that make a great Product Owner and therefore a great product.

+ - A Product Owner, Designer, and Developer Walk Into a Bar… or How to Get Divergent Teams to Agree on Scope

You’ve moved beyond prototyping and you are ready to start designing and building your MVP. But how do you all agree on the complexity of scope to provide focus for planning, proper estimation, and reduce risk? In this session, we’ll review the essentials in design and development sprint planning and provide methods to facilitate productive decision-making across your team.

UX, Users, and Research

This covers a ton of stuff. From research practices to actually creating wireframes, the best work happens when people come together and listen to each other. In these sessions we teach hands-on collaborative methods to get to what people really want: to be understood and designed for.

+ - Who Matters Most? Understand and Prioritize your Audiences

Your audience is not the general public, and your target audience isn’t the only group you should be paying attention to. In today’s network economy, the people you know and engage with opens opportunities to potential growth, influence, and success. But how can you develop a roadmap on how you engage with all people that can offer you this potential? You need an influencer map that will guide your intentions for all interactions and a strategy to see the bigger picture.

+ - How to Design Great User Paths in 60 Minutes

Intake sessions for user requirements on a system can be long, tedious, and boring. At LimeRed Studio, we’ve come up with a method that is much more fun, engaging with with clients, and gets everyone to agree within 60 mins. This session walks participants through how we do it.

+ - Research Methods for Digital Product Development

This workshop walks participants through various research and validation methods at LimeRed Studio. We take a look at ways to plan and execute both qualitative and quantitative research and when to best use them for validating product decisions.

+ - Design Research vs. Design Intuition: How to Run a Design Review with Your Users

You have your MVP and it works, people even like it. But do they LOVE it? If this is you, you might have been spending time thinking of ways to create unique and personal experiences for your users that will make them fall for your product. We think the best ways to do this is to embrace them and their ideas early on but balance your final decisions about product iteration with proper research and good ol’ design intuition.

+ - The Psychology of Micro-interactions: How to Get People to Love, not Just Like Your Product

Above and beyond feedback, micro-interactions can also add a human element to your interface. Do you have an opinion on the heart v. star interaction on the Twitter app? If so, you’re tuned into micro-interactions and their power. As described in Dan Saffer’s book Microinteractions, these tiny details typically serve a range of essential functions in your design, from communicating feedback, demonstrating accomplishment of an individual task, or helping users visualize the results of their actions and prevent errors. In this session, we’ll workshop your own interfaces and look for opportunities to improve, add, or subtract micro-interactions.

How it Works

Make a big difference in 3 hours.


A dedicated internal team in a change-making organization or business that values research, collaboration, and needs help with setting priorities and making decisions.


We meet in person at our studio and your offices if you’re in the Chicago area. If not, travel costs are additional or we can work remotely.


Your internal team, stakeholders, and end users. We try to keep the groups less than 10 members.


Each session is a half day.


Issue intake, session design, facilitation, documentation, follow up.


$3,000 each session.

Picking up what we’re throwing down?

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