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MVP Design and Build

So you've figured out that that market wants your product. Now, what should you build first? And where is the best place to spend your build budget? What will drive real value for users and investors?

A great MVP design can make or break your business. Features and building can quickly creep out of scope and into untold complexity. You need a seasoned, strategic team to define and build the MVP. We partner with development agencies to build products depending on the platform.

Who is this for?

MVP design is for early-stage funded startups and entrepreneurs who value a user-centric, research-based approach to product development.


We lead your team through a transformative process that builds on strengths and research-based decision making.


We use interactive human-centered design methods to bring teams together and make decisions


We balance user research and insight with business goals to deliver the product or idea that should exist


Together, we'll make decisions, expand or refine ideas, and build with the future in mind.

How it Works

Build the thing that needs to exist.


A dedicated team in a change-making organization or business that values research, collaboration, and needs help with setting priorities and making research-based decisions.


We meet in person at our studio and your offices if you’re in the Chicago area. If not, travel costs are additional or we can work remotely.


Your internal team, stakeholders, and end users.


One day, one week, or longer, depending in scope.


Whole team sessions, hours of one-on-one and group expertise and facilitation, documentation, strategic planning, design and build assets.


Starting at $50,000 (UX only).

Picking up what we’re throwing down?

Let’s start the conversation.