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Design Management

You have an internal production team that can get things done. Problem is: they don't have the time or ability to develop a strategy that delivers high impact, bottom-line driven plans. Design management is the answer.

You need a supplemental team to keep projects on an efficient, strategic trajectory instead of getting lost in the day to day, but you can't afford to hire six new people. We can help by delivering the expertise and direction as a strategic partner and team.

Who is this for?

Design Management is for organizations and startups who need to deliver a high-impact product or program and don't have the total internal capacity to do so.


We lead your team through a transformative process that builds on strengths and research-based decision making.


We use interactive human-centered design methods to bring teams together and make decisions.


We set priorities, workflows, build high performing teams, and timelines


We train internal teams on how to make better decisions for the long term

How it Works

Let's build a great team together.


A dedicated internal team in a change-making organization or business that values research, collaboration, and needs help with setting priorities and making research-based decisions.


We meet in person at our studio and your offices if you’re in the Chicago area. If not, travel costs are additional or we can work remotely.


Your internal team, stakeholders, and end users.


For a a specific project's timeline or a designated period of time that you determine.


Whole team sessions, hours of one-on-one and group expertise and facilitation, documentation, strategic planning, design assets.


Minimum $40,000 in project fees.

Picking up what we’re throwing down?

Let’s start the conversation.