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Audit and Analysis

Ever had the thought, I know this can be better but I'm just not sure how? An audit and analysis of your online product, program, website, or app will give you those answers plus a clear vision of its potential

Let's answer that question once and for all. We'll do a quick assessment and then employ the tools that make the most sense to get to the heart of the matter, from user research to heat maps to a deep dive into analytics or copy. Let's lift that conversion rate, drop that bounce rate, or get more signups.

Who is this for?

Audit and analysis is for people who know part of their site, app, program, or product can be better and who need direction on what is possible and how to get there.


We facilitate a session with your team or stakeholders to break down and prioritize your goals and obstacles.


We choose the right diagnostic tools to get to the heart of the issues.


Our teams discuss the findings and create a solution.


Your or our team implements the solutions and watches the magic happen.

How it Works

It can be better. Let us show you how.


A team in a change-making organization or business that values research and collaboration.


We meet in person at our studio and your offices if you’re in the Chicago area. If not, travel costs are additional or we can work remotely.


Your internal team, stakeholders, and end users.


One to three months, based on scope and team availability.


Whole team sessions, hours of one-on-one and group expertise and facilitation, documentation, strategic planning, design/UX/dev assets.


$25,000 - $50,000 in project fees.

Picking up what we’re throwing down?

Let’s start the conversation.