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All of our UX design services are specifically designed for defining and making the product that needs to exist. No matter where you are in your process — whether you have a defined product that you want to build or don’t even have a name yet — we can help make it better.

In the LAB, we explore ideas and make decisions. In the STUDIO, we create.

In the LAB we help you:

Make Decisions, Focus on What Matters Most

We know you have a lot of ideas. In LimeRed LAB, we offer a range of ways to help you focus on what’s important, bring your team together, make progress, and function in a fast-paced world.

+ - One-on-One Advisory

Book time with our senior staff to make progress on business development, branding, UX, HR, business strategy, and other topics.

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+ - Team Advisory

Book a session with our senior advisors to make team progress on branding, messaging, pitching, UX, strategic planning, and communications.

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+ - 2018 Workshops

Single-issue group workshops designed to go deep and make decisions, build consensus, surface ideas, and move projects forward.

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+ - Long-term Improvement

A long-term engagement to keep your team focused on what matters most, execute strategically, and make impact happen faster.

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In the STUDIO we help you:

Figure Out What to Be

In this fast, noisy world — just where do you fit in? It’s hard to break through the constant noise of promotion and media. A good name and a strong brand makes all the difference. It’s the beginning of everything.

+ - Naming

How do you name a product, building, platform, service, housing development, company, or anything else? We know…

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+ - Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Help with messaging, positioning, visual assets, and other bits to develop a brand that people love.

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Design or Build Your Stuff

Intensive UX design services and processes in which your team blends with our team to build, test, and validate a working prototype of your idea, concept, or web technology feature. This is highly immersive and designed to eliminate risks and build the product with the most impact.

+ - Prototype Design

Together, we run design sprints to ideate, craft, and test usable prototypes with real users.

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+ - MVP definition & creation

We craft a plan to build your MVP and determine feasibility, complexity, technology and more.

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+ - Web UX Design & Development

Website research, concept, design, testing, and development.

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+ - App UX Design & Development

Web or native app research, concept, design, testing, and development.

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Make Ongoing Progress

You know it’s going to take time to get there and it probably doesn’t need to be rebuilt from the ground up. We help you identify what people want, what works, what’s feasible and realistic and make progress.

+ - User & Design Research

Based on the specific need, we design tests and collect information from real users and turn that into valuable updates.

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+ - Design Management

Our team brings strategic oversight, process, and design models to empower internal product or design teams.

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