LimeRed is a UX Agency

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A great experience, whether online or off, is the key to amplifying impact. You can build a checkout, but will people use it? You can write a great newsletter, but will people read it? You can write some content, but will people understand? As a UX agency, we are committed to diving deep into these complex issues to create meaningful experiences that make a difference.

Since 2004 we’ve been helping all kinds of businesses and organizations make things better — digital platforms, programs, websites, apps, communications strategies and more. Our clients have increased sales, gained board members, generated high response, and won awards.

Small and smart like Yoda.

Emily Lonigro Boylan
Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad
Partner, Design Strategy Director
Laura Thompson
Frontend Developer
Annie Durling
Account Director
Azmina Alimohd
Ux Researcher
Matt Magpantay
Lead UX/UI Designer
Rosa Vivanco
Communications Director/ Story Strategist

We are the only UX Agency that is both a Certified B Corporation and certified woman-owned (WBE). We walk the talk.

What is a UX agency anyway? Don’t you guys build websites?

That’s part of the story. While we do web development, we love improving websites, campaigns, and other experiences. Sometimes they don’t need a total redesign and build, and making one path better or, say, a checkout easier could have a faster, bigger impact than waiting a year for a new site. We’re a think tank of design and technology experts who use a research-based method to solve design challenges and create stunning, human-centered experiences.

Our own business model has evolved over time to meet the fast-paced changes in the design and web development industry. Our clients are more savvy than ever before, so our team has become expert facilitators and counselors for improving user experiences online, and therefore helping our clients meet bigger, more aggressive goals for social impact work.

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