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The world is seeking new, better, socially-conscious business practices. We’ve developed these social impact resources: books and courses to help you along your way to creating social impact.

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The LimeRed team has developed a quick guide to steer social innovators through their branding journey. We map out the brand components which are most important and provide tips for designing a brand while keeping purpose and mission top of mind. We’ll also show innovators how to leverage branding to solve common business problems. 

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve no doubt had the importance of developing a strong brand beaten into your brain. You might think: I love my logo — am I done? Answer: No. As someone operating in the social impact space, the stakes are even higher than someone looking to make a quick dollar. Branding is an essential factor to communicating your purpose and powering your mission. The time you dedicate to crafting your brand should be intentional.

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A podcast that explores how we use our innate and unique perception to challenge the status quo and explore possibilities.

We capture stories from everyday individuals who were driven by their instinct and intuition to reinvent realities, solve challenges, and create something new. All with the purpose of building meaning, inciting change, or making things better.

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