How might we communicate the identity and mission of the organization for Chicago’s most powerful women leaders?

The Chicago Network

After a rebrand, creating a resource-driven platform that speaks to women of all backgrounds.

In 2018, The Chicago Network rebranded as they celebrate its 40th year in existence. To mark the occasion, they not only created a new visual identity with another talented design agency, they also create a number of exciting endeavors, events, and programs. To promote and explain all of this, The Chicago Networking brought in LimeRed to help tell their story online and create a new website to communicate and position this new brand and anniversary.


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What We Did

User Research

Wireframing and Design Direction

Storytelling Strategy


Web Design and Development

About the Network

In 1979, a letter mailed to 113 exceptional Chicago women started a new kind of relationship among these women. One that was deeply rooted in friendship, apolitical, and formed on the idea that women supporting women would empower more women leaders.

The Chicago Network is as strong as it was 40 years ago because they have continuously worked to build a strong affinity among members. By harnessing the power of their prestigious members they share the experiences of these women and connect them with other members and opportunities to lead.​ They provide programs and resources for women who aspire to follow this path. They convene, catalyze, and champion equity and empowerment for women in leadership.

the Chicago Network

Methodologies and Key Decisions

Understanding Perceptions and Needs

Today, the Chicago Network has more than 500 members. Along with current members, The Network also has the ear of influential companies and organizations, the media, and the next generation of rising young women leaders.

To understand the needs of the current members as well as the new group of young women, LimeRed surveyed their current members and held a series of workshops with key staff and other stakeholders to reposition them visually on the web. We also ran a storytelling session with the staff to understand how to speak to a large audience about the importance and business impact of having women in leadership positions. This work not only informed the website design, but the copy, SEO, and any other future messaging.

The Chicago Network website


We translated their new identity for the web — carefully considering accessibility and web standards to reach an inclusive audience. The function and design of this new site positioned The Chicago Network as highly professional, contemporary, and approachable.

This website redesign is all about positioning not only the organization as the premiere organization for Chicago’s most influential women, but it is also about showcasing the accomplishments of its members. We proposed telling individual member stories for the 40th anniversary to show how their efforts have improved the state of not only women but of business in Chicago. This is not only reflected in how we organized the member profiles section, but also in a new section called Leader Stories, which highlights members’ accomplishments and serves as content for the 40th anniversary event and social media.