What happens when you have a complicated system that no one knows how to use?

Issue Lab

Issue Lab had originally hired another full service web development agency to work with them to redesign their website. But something wasn’t right. They weren’t seeing design concepts that told their story in a unique and innovative way. Issue Lab felt that their own ideas weren’t being translated into web design that met their expectations. They took a big risk, dropped the agency, and came to us for some help with design and storytelling online.

What We Did

Story Strategy Session

Collaborative Wireframing

UX Library and Logic

How might we communicate our story in our web design?

Storytelling Strategy Session

From the moment they contacted us with the request to provide UX and UI design for their new site, we knew that our approach had to be different than what they had been experiencing. We collaborated with the Issue Lab team in a series of workshops to ensure their ideas were being heard through great design and storytelling. We started with Story Strategy exercises to create a concept and a message map.

Collaborative Wireframing

From there, we pushed our collaboration further into the design phase with another collaborative workshop to wireframe the concept to improve the user experience and interface for key landing pages. It was important to do this as a group an in person, since we all brought different strengths and perspectives to the product.

UX Library and Logic

Users have a clear path to engage with IssueLab and find the resources that matter most to them. We created a component-based library with wireframes to inform the current and future site’s logic, so they are set for years. IssueLab’s mission is prioritized and they can promote all of their new endeavors! Check out IssueLab’s site.