How do we design a campaign microsite for a niche audience and inspire them to get involved?

Trout Unlimited: Wild Steelheaders

Trout Unlimited needed a campaign website for their Wild Steelhead conservation effort. It needed to inspire, educate, and speak to a very specific audience. They had a logo, a look, and wanted to migrate those to the web with a responsive, informative site.

What We Did


Wordpress development

Blog addition

How might we communicate our story in our web design?


We didn’t have a big timeline or budget to work with, so we went right into wireframing. Our client at Trout Unlimited was a dream to work with and had a lot of insight to share, so our own Discovery didn’t’ have to be lengthy. We drew up some wireframes on paper and get right into designing in the browser. The first version of this site didn’t have a CMS, so we could do almost anything we wanted for the design of this campaign website.

Campaign Website - WordPress

Soon after we launched the first, flat version of this campaign website, Trout decided that they wanted to be able to edit and update it themselves. WordPress is a great option for a flexible, easy CMS, so we redeveloped the site with a WordPress back end. This changed a little bit of the layout and we had to standardize some design elements, but it didn’t take away from the campaign’s traction.

Blog addition

As the campaign grew over time, so did the website. We added in a blog section as the Trout team carried out the campaign and had more information to share with their base — a great opportunity for search keywords to attract just the right audience. And the team at Trout has a flexible system that can change with them.