Branding and messaging: What comes first and what needs to change? How do we make decisions as a team? What information do we need first?

Life Span

Life Span uses a unique approach to ending domestic and sexual violence through legal services and counseling, and people who have interacted with them knew that. They wanted to reach a whole new audience, so what in their branding and messaging needed to shift? We took a research-based approach to find out.

What We Did

Half-day Workshop

User Research

Branding and Messaging Frameworks

New Logo and Brand Guidelines

How do we message and position to get more individual donors? What messaging will work the best?

Messaging Workshop

After a series of intakes, we facilitated a half-day session with the Life Span team to better understand their audiences and draw lines around what they could claim in their space. This hands on workshop not only uncovered information critical to the rebrand, it brought up organizational issues that the team needed to address separately, to build consensus.

User Research

In order to test what would compel individual donors to interact with Life Span, we ran a series of test to get unbiased feedback. We tested five sets of copy with four different audience profiles. Each contained combinations of statistics, personal stories, calls to action, and perspectives on Life Span’s subject matter. We also tested existing and updated versions of their tagline and impressions of their mission. We combined all of that data into insights that Life Span could use to create a tested campaign, eliminating guessing.

Branding and Messaging Frameworks

What we uncovered from this testing was a a new tagline, and a clear vision for the type and sequence their messaging should follow. We also gave guidance on the types of images that people would find compelling in future social media and other campaigns.