Emily Lonigro, President & Founder

Emily Lonigro

Activator forwarding the potential of business as a force for good

Emily founded LimeRed in 2004 with a plan to prioritize high-quality design, user experience, and meaningful social impact. Her 14 years in business spans design, sales, operations, user experience, branding, marketing and strategy in both online and offline programs for multinational corporations, nonprofits, universities, startups, and consumer brands.


Emily walks the talk. From our office culture and company policies to how we identify the clients we work with, she is dedicated to reframing the norms and standards in business. When you work with her you feel energized and inspired.


Emily has a million ideas a minute—we counted once. She’s also an amazing mom who loves having fun adventures with her two little ones. She makes good on all her promises, except for the office cat which she has yet to deliver on.

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  • Business ideation and development
  • Brand strategy and design
  • Vision/mission strategy and modeling for impact
  • Igniting innovation


Get it done
  • 2017 Speaking

  • 100

  • Apple Flagship: Business Ideation

    Apple Flagship: Ditch the Pitch!

    Keynote: The Fringe Network: The Uncomfortable List

    B Corp Leaders: Do Business and Politics Mix?, Patagonia Chicago

    International Entrepreneurship Summit, Zagreb, Croatia

    International Women’s Day Program (1871, Chicago)

    International Sustainable UX Day

    “Agile vs. Agility: When Waterfall is the Best Approach”

    1871 Workshop leader, 2016–present

    “Ditch the Pitch” Positioning Workshop

    “Games for Designers and Non-Designers: Design Thinking to Spark Creativity”

    “Business Mindset: Taking Your Idea from a Hobby to a Business”

    2112 Workshop leader, 2016–present

    Pitching, UX, and business strategy workshops

    “Win in 30 Seconds: How to Pitch your Startup”

    “The Business Mindset: Evaluating Risk and Viability”

    World Usability Day: Sustainable Design

  • 2016 Speaking

  • 100

    Let's do this
  • It’s All About Design – Sustainatopia Conference

    B Smart: A Deeper Understanding of the benefits of B Corps and Benefit Corporations – Sustainatopia Conference

    Master of Ceremonies – Mom+Baby Legislative Luncheon

    Master of Ceremonies – Women Supporting Women Conference

    Small Business Websites: Platforms and Problems Women Supporting Women Conference

    Idea Accelerator program design, coach, and host – NTEN LCS

    Online Presence for Job Seekers: School of the Art Institute Chicago

  • 2014 and earlier Speaking

  • 100

    Game on
  • Idea Accelerator program design: NTEN LCS

    UX, Biz development coach: Startup Weekend Women’s Edition

    Intro to UX Design – HandsOn Tech Chicago

    Igniting a Culture of Tech Innovation – NTEN NTC

    Social Impact Measurement for Better Business Decisions – Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago

    Entrepreneur Coach – NFTE/Ms Tech Chicago All-girls Academie

    Intro to Content Marketing – Hands on Tech Chicago

    Women in Business – Power Pump Salon, Chicago Booth School

    Careers in Social Enterprise – Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago, Chicago Booth School

    Future of Social Media – Hands on Tech Chicago, Google

    Mobile and Responsive web design – 501Tech club