Design Services at LimeRed

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The world is seeking new, better, socially-conscious business practices. We offer design services that analyze and create through this lens, since this is who we’ve been for 14 years. LimeRed is committed to the journey of mobilizing people who strive to make things better.

We do this in three service areas:


Branding: Position and Build Brands

We do everything from naming, to design, to brand strategy for mission-driven organizations and businesses. When you’re branding with a mission, there’s a lot at stake, not just for you but for the people you serve. We can help.

Brand Building

Business Strategy for Impact

Looking for answers for growth, coordination, a next step, or a realization of your vision? Meet with us one on one, bring in your whole team for a workshop (or we can run it remotely) or let’s talk business and design research. We’ll help you grow your impact with intention and scale.

Business Strategy

Design and Build Digital Products

We build websites a number of ways to fit your vision: sprint-based work with research for larger projects, and bootcamp-style immersives (4 days) and intensives (1 day) processes.

Design and Build

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