Certified WBE Design UX Agency

Certified WBE Design and UX Agency in Chicago

LimeRed has been a certified woman owned business, or WBE, since 2011. We're one of a handful of WBEs that are also Certified B Corporations and the only UX agency in the world that has both.

At LimeRed, we pursue issues that are important to us, so we volunteer, teach, collaborate, donate, and mentor. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and empowering workplace for everyone. Being a woman-owned shop gives us the perspective to do that.

But those are just pieces of paper. This is what being a Certified WBE Design and UX agency means in practice:


Our team is deliberatively designed to bring together people with different perspectives. Our values are that our differences make our success. We find ways to collaborate with our clients and competition, and we're constantly asking how to make an experience better or more valuable to someone. This is a matter of perspective.

Culture change

Only a handful of businesses are woman-owned, and only a handful of those have more than 3 employees. We're one. Part Emily's mission is to blaze a trail for other women in business and to mentor those businesses. It's a tough road. There are almost no other women at the top to open doors and advocate for other women and marginalized communities in business.


We've built partnerships with other woman-owned agencies who work in similar markets. We actively look for ways to promote and help each other.

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