Walking the Talk since 2004.

Make it Better.

We are a small team of designers, researchers, and builders who have dedicated our lives to creating change. All of the work we do has to prove a community benefit and meet our own conscious standards. We are all mentors, teachers, explorers, and partners who care deeply about our communities and causes, so we spend a lot of time working with others to help outside of our work here at LimeRed. 

Our staff has always been inclusive and diverse, for 14 years. We are woman-owned and a Certified B Corporation. To us, this is just who we are and it contributes to our different perspective, which hasn’t always been a valued in the marketplace. Now, as people are looking for teams who question standards and build businesses and brands differently, we’re happy to show them a different way.

This isn’t just our job, it’s our life.

Emily Lonigro
President & Founder
Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad
Partner & Design Strategy Director
Azmina Alimohd
Design Researcher
Laura Thompson

We’re recognized as a top User Experience Design Company on DesignRush.

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