Branding for Impact

How reinventing your brand can take your business to the next level

We live in a world of limitless options. How does your brand stand out?


DATE: Tuesday, June 26th
TIME: 12:30 PM CST – 1:15 PM CST
COST: free

Your brand is more impactful than you think. Often when social entrepreneurs feel their business is stuck, it’s because their brand isn’t communicating their purpose and they aren’t connecting with key audiences, communities, and stakeholders. So, how can you create or reinvent your brand with intention to maximize your impact and boost your business? Find out in this free branding webinar.

Join others in the social impact community to receive actionable tips and information for evaluating and reimagining your brand strategy.

During the webinar branding experts, Emily Lonigro and  Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad, will speak more to branding best practices and common business challenges related to branding. They’ll also share an activity you and your team can leverage in developing your brand persona.

Webinar attendees will also receive a free download of our new eBookDesigning Conscious Impact: Branding for Changemakers.

Meet our speakers

Emily Lonigro Boylan

President & Founder

Emily is the founder and president of LimeRed. She founded LimeRed in 2004 with a plan to prioritize high-quality design, user experience, and meaningful social impact. She has over 14 years of experience in business, which spans design, sales, operations, user experience, branding, marketing and strategy in both online and offline programs for multinational corporations, nonprofits, universities, startups, and consumer brands.

Demetrio Cardona Maguigad

Partner & Design Strategy Director

Demetrio is a partner and the design strategy director for LimeRed. He joined LimeRed in 2012 with the goal of creating experiences that guide people through the complexities of today’s world so that they can discover new connections, meaning, and possibilities. He brings over 18 years of experience in design and production, research, curriculum development, storytelling, and branding.

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