Advisory Services for Social Impact at LimeRed

We know you have a lot of ideas. We offer you a range of ways in your business strategy to focus on what’s important, bring your team together, make progress, and function in a fast-paced world.

One-on-One Advisory

Book time with our senior staff to make progress on business development, branding, UX, HR, business strategy, and other topics.

Fees are $300 hourly, paid in advance.

Emily Lonigro

A leader in social impact-driven business and technology with experience building teams, creating and validating business strategy, directing design, and communications.

Book one- or two- hour session

Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad

A master facilitator, coach, and strategist, Demetrio currently coaches all over Chicago in design, process, strategy, positioning, and communications.

Book one- or two- hour session

Team Workshops

Single-issue group workshops designed to take a deep dive and make decisions, build consensus, surface ideas, and move projects forward.

$3,500 each session.


We lead your team through a transformative process to build on strengths and research-based decision making.


We use interactive human-centered design methods to bring teams together and make decisions.


We help teams explore ideas, work together, and make decisions.

Ongoing Organizational Advisory

6- or 12-month retainer organizational strategy sessions, and recommendations. Ideal for nonprofits and social enterprises looking to supplement their director- or C-level teams.

6 months: $25,000. 12 months: 45,000.


We hold a team assessment session to surface and prioritize needs.


We design a 6 or 12-month program to make progress as a group on your highest priority needs.


We meet monthly to explore ideas. Each month, we develop a set of recommendations, accountability actions, and plans to make real progress.

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