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LimeRed LAB Ongoing Improvement

LimeRed LAB is an iterative improvement process to make a big impact right away. In LAB we set a prioritized baseline for what needs to get done and execute right away. Then we test, measure, reflect, and do it again. This practice builds internal learning and meets bottom lines faster.

L.A.B. begins with questions like: How do we solidify our marketing strategy? How can we improve our online communications? What kinds of program offerings should we have? How can we make improvements to our website and online communities without having to redesign it all? What should happen first, how should we do it, and who owns it? Let's get to work.

Who is this for?

LimeRed LAB is for organizations and businesses who want to invest in research-based improvement over time. It is for teams who are motivated to create change, and see marketing, online products, capacity, positioning, and technology as dependent parts.


We lead your team through a transformative process that builds on strengths and research-based decision making.


Our assessment uses interactive human-centered design methods to bring teams together and make decisions.


We set priorities, workflows, build high performing teams, and timelines.


We solve organizational and digital issues in order of priority, making the most bottom-line impact.

How it Works

No more year-long planning phase. Let's get to work now.


A dedicated internal team in a change-making organization or business that values research, collaboration, and needs help with setting priorities and making research-based decisions.


We meet in person at our studio and your offices if you’re in the Chicago area. If not, travel costs are additional or we can work remotely.


Your internal team, stakeholders, and end users.


One year. The Assessment takes one month to complete, then we engage at least 4 more times to solve problems over a year.


One remote kick off, Month-long assessment, At least 4 sessions throughout the year combining user research, prototyping, planning, written assessments, timelines, internal capacity and staffing analysis and more.


Assessment: $15,000. Each engagement over a year: $15,000, at least four times. Minimum $75,000.

Picking up what we’re throwing down?

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