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All of our UX design services are specifically designed for defining and making the product that needs to exist. No matter where you are in your process — whether you have a defined product that you want to build or don’t even have a name yet — we can help make it better.

We Can Help:

Figure Out What to Be

In this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world — just where do you fit in? It’s hard to break through the constant noise of promotion and media. A good name and a strong brand makes all the difference. It’s the beginning of everything.

+ - Naming

How do you name a product, building, platform, service, housing development, company, or anything else? We know…

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+ - Brand Strategy

Help with messaging, positioning, visual assets, and other bits to develop a brand that people love.

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Figure Out What to Make

You have a great idea and it could be a lot of things. It’s fun to think about all of the possibilities and the future that your idea can shape, but where do you begin? What if you spend a ton of money building something that no one needs or understands? Start here first to make sure you’re spending your resources wisely.

+ - Product Strategy

Research-driven design processes for identifying the most valuable strategy to pursue for your product, from build to message.

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+ - Product Prototyping

Together, we run design sprints to ideate, craft, and test usable prototypes with real users.

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+ - MVP definition & creation

We craft a plan to build your MVP and determine feasibility, complexity, technology and more.

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Figure Out How to Fix It

It can better and there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel with a redesign if a simple fix can bring a lot of value. When you combine your big goals with user feedback and data, you can make a big impact quickly.

+ - Audit & Analysis

We evaluate your product and provide you insight on how to make it better.

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+ - User & Design Research

Based on the specific need, we design tests and collect information from real users and turn that into valuable updates.

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Make Ongoing Progress

You know it’s going to take time to get there. We can run a workshop and train your team, but the biggest reward will come from ongoing thoughtful improvement. We have two ways to get there: L.A.B, which is a year-long immersive engagement, or Design Management, which is project-specific.

+ - LAB Immersive Improvement

A year-long program to make big progress quickly on a platform, program, website, app, or marketing program. 

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+ - Design Management

Our team brings strategic oversight, process, and design models to empower internal product or design teams.

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Design or Build My Stuff

Intensive UX design services and processes in which your team blends with our team to build, test, and validate a working prototype of your idea, concept, or web technology feature. This is highly immersive and designed to eliminate risks and build the product with the most impact.

+ - Web UX Design & Development

Website research, concept, design, testing, and development.

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+ - App UX Design & Development

Web or native app research, concept, design, testing, and development.

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+ - Platform UX & Development

Online platform research, concept, design, testing, and development.

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Learn New Skills

Half- and full-day interactive sessions customized to address your team’s specific questions on branding, positioning, programs, UX, messaging, social media, audiences, and the digital landscape. These sessions, as one-off sessions or a full curriculum, are designed for teams to think differently about working together and make decisions.

+ - 2017 Workshops

Our experts help your team think through an issue in a hands-on collaborative format designed to create clarity and action steps.

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+ - Women & Business Leadership Series

A five month design sprint to tackle the challenges women face in business and leadership positions.

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+ - Mentoring

We are mentors at local incubators — book an appointment with us.

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+ - Public Speaking Events

We share our insights at local events throughout the year  — See details for upcoming events.

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